Q. What is the need for an event like ThinkFest?
ThinkFest is a workshop event organized by like minded individuals from the group Nirmukta and their regional chapter, Chennai Freethinkers. The mission of this event is to provide a forum for discussion of science and freethought, with the overarching goal of increasing the scientific temper of local citizens. The schedule details the discussion topics.

ThinkFest is also a unique place to network.
Q. Who can attend the workshop?
Anyone who is excited by science, and is interested in the challenges facing the nation on this front. The workshop will involve multiple activities, including lectures by Narendra Nayak, known for his fiery take down of superstitions and wide repertoire of demonstrations which enthrall the participants.
Q. Can I bring friends along?
Please do! The event is more fun when you’re with like-minded friends, and you’ll leave with enough fodder for long discussions in the months to come.

Q. What do I have to bring along?
Nothing! The workshop does not require anything beyond a critical, fun-loving mind. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to interact and participate. We will provide the required notes and media that go along with the event. Just make it to the venue on time.
Q. Can I be an unruly, loud brat?
Tempers can get high when discussing and questioning core beliefs held by a majority of the population. Free and open discussions are welcome (and encouraged). Raised voices are not. We will evict you at the remotest hint of belligerence. We have keen observers who can spot a troublemaker miles away, and master pehelwaans who can lift a 100 kg weight to miles away.
Q. Ok, I’m sold! How do I register?
Please head over to our Facebook events page and click “I’m attending”.  This is so that we get an idea of how many will be attending.  There entry cost is Rs.200 which you can pay at the venue.  Just make sure you are there on time.  The fee is just a token fee – with the intention of covering the workshop costs. So it wont cost you a bomb (not this time, anyway).
Q. What does the entry price cover?
Your entry fee covers your attendance to the workshop, and lunch, tea and snacks. If you’re travelling or flying into the city, you’ll need to arrange your accommodation.