Narendra Nayak:  NN needs no introduction in the Indian rationalist community. His three decades of combating the rife superstition and pseudo science has garnered him widespread affection from his admirers, and vitriol from those he debunks. He is the founder of Dakshina Kannada Rationalist Association and the national president of the Federation of Indian Rationalist Associations. As part of his campaign to expose the so-called miracles and to debunk superstitions, he has conducted over 3000 demonstrations all over India as well as in Australia, England, and Greece. He has been featured in many television programs including the one on physical feats by the Discovery Channel, Is It Real? by National Geographic, The Secret Swami by the BBC and many others.”

Babu Gogineni:  Babu Gogineni is a secular humanist from Hyderabad. He is currently the Internation Director of International Humanist and Ethical Union. A regular TV commentator on issues of Science, Human rights and Secularism, Babu has lectured in over 28 countries around the world. His campaigns have been featured on New York Times, CNN and BBC. He was invited in 2001 by the UN as an Expert on Education at the UN’s Madrid Conference on Freedom of Religion or Belief in School Education. Babu Gogineni is a popular international lecturer and speaker—and in 1999 he delivered the prestigious Spring Lecture of the National University of Mexico in Mexico City; he was also a member of the winning team at an important Cambridge Union Society’s Debate at the University of Cambridge.”

P. Dayanandan: Prof. Dayanandan has inspired students for more than 40 years. He is passionate about communicating science to school students and the general public. He believes that even the most sophisticated concepts in science can and should be shared with non-specialists. Dayanandan also believes that science can illuminate systems of faith and bring new perspectives to comprehending the world. Since the 2009 Darwin Bicentenary he has delivered many lectures on evolution and summarized the core concept of evolution in a chapter titled: The descent of humans and the Darwinian unification of all life, published by National Academy of Sciences, India. A botanist by profession, Dayanandan has been a student, teacher and researcher at the Madras Christian College and the University of Michigan. His other research interests include space biology, art history and Tamil literature.